Monday, September 22, 2008

The Park

We spent Family Home Evening at the the park. Hyrum started our F.H.E. in the car with, "Welcome, welcome, welcome to field trip family home evening!" It turns out, chasing an over sized rubber duck down a stream is an enjoyable past time. I love to watch happy kids burn energy!

For those of you who have seen Kim Ashton's blog, you know she is quite the photographer. It's true, she twisted my arm and forced me to sign up for a photography class, using her extra "shabby" camera. It's been tough, but I've managed to get by! Jake has asked if this camera will be a permanent part of our marriage. It is a bit addictive. The main thing I've learned is that I know less then I thought I did about taking pictures. But Kim has taught me a lot and I've loved using her camera. For my next trick, I will learn how to use Photo Shop, if Kim continues teaching her, "Photography for idiots named Susie" course. It's been a lot of fun!